Short Bio

Mon 26 July 2016

Thomaz Maia de Almeida is currently an Assistant Professor at Federal Institute of CearĂ¡ (IFCE) - Sobral Campus. He holds a MSc in Teleinformatics Engineering from Federal University of CearĂ¡ (2012), Postgraduation in Mobile Devices from Faculdade 7 de Setembro (2014), and is currently a PhD student. He has interests in Computing Vision, Digital Image Processing, Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence.

He has experience in

  • Image processing of computerized tomography;
  • image processing of echocardiography;
  • Image processing of body scanners;
  • Identification and recognition of car plates;
  • Optical characters recognition on mobile devices;
  • Access control by face recognition;
  • Quality control and identification of cosmetic defects in the manufacture of laptops;
  • Quality control in the manufacture of RAM chips;
  • Quality control in the manufacture of electrical energy meters.